The world is your mirror. That mirror gives you valuable information if you want to live and do business based on confidence and relaxation.

Hi, I’am Machiel

Holistisch business coach (entrepreneur, C-level coach and financial expert) – writer

Live life forward in confidence, afterwards everything will fall into place. In other words, It all makes sense, everything is correct. I live and do business from this vision. I like to keep it simple, because it doesn’t have to be complicated. Improving the world is something I like to contribute to.

It’s the deeper layers in life that intrigue me. What drives us and why do we do things the way we do? Over the years I have received my answers to these questions and with this I help people, entrepreneurs, on their way to a life based on trust and relaxation.

Originally I come from the analytical financial world, the people around me always liked it if I could give them new insights when they got stuck on personal / business issues. As a partner at a real estate company and at my current company, I have always been able to use my connecting and coaching skills in conflicts or misunderstandings to bring parties closer together for good cooperation. From my vision that the world is a mirror of yourself, we always come to very enlightening insights and solutions.

It often turns out that private and business overlap, can strengthen each other, but can also weaken if there is an imbalance in one of the two.

From all the training I have done in the field of personal development, coaching and mediation, I have developed my own approach. From all this knowledge, wisdom and life experience, my book ‘The girl who changed the world’ also emerged.

At IT ALL MAKES SENSE, Jennet and I both look at how we can make your life lighter and more relaxing together with you.