The inspiring and heartwarming page
turner by Machiel Hoek

“The Girl Who Changed the World” is more than just a wonderful story; it’s a multi-layered journey with the goal of unveiling the mysteries of life.


In the turbulent teenage years of Lisa, it feels as if the whole world is against her. The beautiful things in life shift and evolve, while the grim realities persist unchanging. Is this the essence of life? Her perceptive Grandfather, recognizing her struggle, decides it’s time for her to unveil life’s enigmatic secrets. Guiding her on an enchanting odyssey of self-discovery, Lisa is compelled to confront her deepest fears head-on. However, she starts to question if Grandpa truly embodies the wisdom he imparts—there’s an ominous undertone of a secret he’s harboring. When she confronts him, something happens that indelibly changes both their worlds.

“The Girl Who Changed the World” is an entrancing narrative you’d be drawn to devour in a single sitting. It walks in the footsteps of “Alice in Wonderland”, “Sophie’s World”, “The Celestine Prophecy” and “The Alchemist”.

The inspiration behind this book is a tale of its own. From his early days, Machiel Hoek felt destined to unravel the secret of life. Guided by a profound inner calling, Machiel pivoted his life’s direction nine years ago, devoting himself to this tale. Now, he’s ready to share it with the world.

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“Reading this story was a transformational journey! I can confidently say this book has imparted more wisdom than most books of its genre.”

“A great novel with an even greater final!”

“This book has profoundly changed my world.”

“Wow, wow, wow! This book delivers a message that resonates deeply within  your heart and soul.”

“A masterful blend of intellectual substance and emotional depth.”

“An unputdownable read, yet not like traditional page-turners.”

“A daring literary work addressing topics many avoid, yet in a graceful manner, without alienating anyone. And that is the heart of this story. It compels you to reflect on life and your priorities.”

…and many, many more of these lovely, warm, words from enthusiastic readers.

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